6 common mistakes by Beginners at Gym.

//6 common mistakes by Beginners at Gym.

6 common mistakes by Beginners at Gym.

We all know how important it is to be fit and healthy to live a life of desires and especially to hold attraction at work place and have good repo in relationships. Just a thought of fit body make you think of Gym as unavoidable step, and indeed it is. However if you have joined gym recently (irrespective of Trainer or not) you will do some common mistakes at Gym place.

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To aware you of such mistakes and to avoid them,let’s have a look at 6 most common mistakes every beginner does at Gym.

  1. Not Stretching and Skipping WarmUp: We understand you want a fir and healthy body; you want to lose those extra pounds around waist and get your muscles pumped up. But that won’t happen on Day 1. Take a baby step at first, do proper stretch and warm up before you lift dead weight or start Cardio session.

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  1. Lifting too much at Once: If you had done first mistake you are surely gonna be victim of second mistake too. Excitement is good but overexcitement kills!  Do one thing at a time and avoid too much of weight training or even too much of cardio. Keep balance.
  2. Taking lengthy breaks during workout: This is a common myth that long breaks necessary to accelerate muscle build. Breaks are compulsory but too much of gap kill the fun and make you more lethargic. Take breaks only to rest your muscle you worked on not your whole body.
  3. Heading without Direction or Plan:We all know work out is not just going gym lifting machines and doing cardio. It’s training for your overall body, right from your state of mind to balanced diet. It involves everything. So don’t do anything without consulting your doctor or without help of Gym Trainer. Be clear in your mind what you want to achieve with gym exercise.
  4. Dehydrating yourself: The weirdest and most dangerous mistake is dehydrating you. Beginners must keep this in mind that keeping yourself hydrated is as important as exercise and rest. Don’t wait till you feel thirsty to gulp down water or juice. Have it at regular intervals.
  5. Eating habits that are killing you: If you have spent 60 mins working out in Gym but you eat something miserable, all your hard work goes in vain. Always know what you should eat and should not eat if you are working out with some specific goal. Food is an important part of daily life even when you are not working out or not doing any exercise. Eat healthy and Stay fit.

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