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About Us


Welcome To Viiking Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Historians have long wondered about Viikings. Who were Viikings? Viikings were warriors, the most powerful and influential people in history. Viikings were brave explorers who abandoned their homeland in search of adventure and wealth. With time, many new perceptions were made about them. But one thing was clear, their undying aggression for innovation.

These are the traits followed by the team members of Viiking Ventures. Our employees are trained to reflect their highly active and exploring qualities.

Today we are a proud corporation with different verticals such as FMCG products, hospitality, entertainment, realty, infrastructure paper products and philanthropic activities. We owe it all to our versatile team of professionals who planted their years of experience and helped our company grow into a bigger tree.

By 2015, we strive to become a USD One Billion company and to be seen as leaders and innovators in the industry by surpassing our clients’ expectations to bring every event from a Vision to a Reality.

Our Brands