Best Selling Water Brands in India

//Best Selling Water Brands in India

Best Selling Water Brands in India

Water is essential element for our body it plays important role in major regulatory mechanisms in Human body. No one can survive without water hence in short we can call water as “life”

Viiking ventures are leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of high quality Packaged Drinking Water – “Life and natural mineral water -“Pani” in India.

 Packaged Drinking Water – “Life”This packaged water can be used for cooking and drinking. This water has processed using various advanced techniques and purification processes to get pure and clear water for the customers.


  • Hygieniclife-water-viiking-ventures
  • Refreshing taste
  • Standard purity

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Natural mineral water -“Pani – It is collected from the pollution free untouched source in Himalaya. It contain certain mineral salts like sodium, magnesium etc with their relative proportion.



  • Healthy water and taste great
  • Better Your Skin
  • Improve Bone Health
  • Helps in maintaining water balance of the bodyW
  • Helps in controlling blood pressure and relaxing

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