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Viiking Alcohol Brand

Alcoholic Beverages

XXX Vodka Mix – The premium and international Vodka imported from Poland and mixed in India gives you first of its kind, ready to drink Vodka Mix. XXX Vodka Mix a smooth and delicious drink with alcohol content less than 5 % makes it an easy drink. Cranberry, Rejuve and Lemon flavors gives you a mouthwatering taste and exotic feel.

Goa Beer- Probably the best beer in its category, Goa Beer has a history of legends. With the golden color, an aroma of malts and a taste of freshness Goa Beer give you a refreshing beer drinking experience.

Goa Kings Beer- For those who believes in maximizing their life and enjoying the moments with celebration, we give them a perfect combination of taste, style and delight. Formerly known as Kings Beer, this premium Pilsner Beer is a delight for those who want more than best.

XXX ED Can for Web

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

XXX Energy drink – Heroes, Winners and Enthusiasts need more than just a drink to boost their lives. XXX Energy drinks goes way beyond to give that extra punch. It gives an absolute adrenalin rush and fills your body with instant energy. The tangy taste and appealing sweetness makes it a must try Energy drink