VIIKING VENTURES – Moving Ahead in Fast Moving Consumers Goods

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Viiking Ventures has been explorer, adventurer and creative perceptions as they always wanted to bewith recent growth in FMCG sector. They have huge line of products line from Hotels to Packaged water to Energy drinks and tissue products.

Beatle Hotel in Powai and Planet Hollywood beach resort, Goa has set a standard of par excellence customer service in Hospitality. Rooms, foods and service left a long lasting impression on people who stay there even for short period of time.

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Pani, Natural mineral water and Life a packaged drinking water has proven as healthy and sanitized source of water. With their health benefits and purity of taste it has been hot favorite of masses.

Revive Tissue products are soft and superlative quality paper napkins. The tissue products are the softest tissue paper with gentle touch and soothing feel to its surface. They complementany décor such as your homes, cars interior and office.

Trance Gym has change the face of training and fitness with its unique 24/7 availability with instructor and all modern equipped machines. From beginners to sport persons, from college students to housewives all have found a common stop for fitness with Trance Gym.

XXX Energy drinks are rapidly acquiring market with many events demanding its presence. These energy drinks are must try product in line of energy products with unique taste and enhanced results.

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