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Paani, collected from the beautiful Himalaya’s, pollution free and untouched from the source. The water is unprocessed and packaged at the closest point of the birth of PAANI / source. To enjoy and indulge into the truest meaning of Pure and Untouched water, Paani with natural minerals provides you with the pure natural experience of drinking Natural Mineral Water, unchanged in its authentic and purest form.

Lose Weight

Any Type Of Water Including Mineral Water Contains No Calories And Is Fat Free. The Mayo Clinic Actually Reports That Cutting Out Calories From Your Beverages Can Lead To Greater Weight Loss Than Simply Cutting Calories From Your Meals. When You Opt For Mineral Water You Will Be Able To Stay At Your Target Calorie Intake While Staying Hydrated And Feeling Healthy.

Improve Bone Health

A Study In One Of The Popular Scientific Journals Suggested That The Calcium Found In Mineral Water May Be Crucial To Maintaining A Normal Bone Density And Therefore Preventing The Development Of Bone Related Illnesses Such As Osteoporosis.

Lower Blood Pressure

The Magnesium Found In Mineral Water Can Also Play An Important Role In Maintaining A Normal Blood Pressure Level

Lower LDL Cholesterol

People Who Drink Mineral Water Regularly Will Notice A Large Reduction In Their Risk of Developing Heart Disease Due To Its Ability To Lower Levels of LDL Cholesterol.

Aid Digestion

Mineral Water Is Also A Great Source of Sulfates Which Help Promote Digestion.

Maintain Muscle Performance

Mineral Water That Is Rich In Magnesium May Also Help Play a Key Role In The Function Of Muscles.

Maintain Electrolyte Balance

Electrolytes Are Salts (bicarbonate, Chloride, Potassium And Sodium) Which Prevent Dehydration By Helping The Cells of The Body Absorb Water

Better Your Skin

Mineral water can help better your skin because of its high quantities of silica which can strengthen the spongy cells that are found between elastin and collagen fibers as well as slow down wrinkle formation